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Soft spoken words at midnight, but she's not really there. Yet it continues, day after day, month after month. An endless cycle that you're bound to repeat no matter how many times you tell yourself she's gone.
Get it together.
Cherished memories that you can't seem to forget no matter how hard you try. And you try, so fucking hard. But at least when you pretend, the wounds don't hurt so bad. They don't burn and ache and make your vision go red.
Get it together.
So you focus on nothing, her, everything. It doesn't matter. You mutter to yourself, to her, to the shadows. And they respond, they shift, morph, drag you down until you're no more. They suffocate your lungs until you're filled with them. Filled with shadows and her.
Get it together.
Time passes faster, slower, sometimes it doesn't move at all. You're stuck until the next time because there is no in between. There's no stop, pause, no intake of breath. Nothing but a constant hum of silence and screaming. Solid and present yet fleeting. No safety net to catch you. No more arms to hold you.
Get it together.  
Get it together.
Get it together.
Yeah this isn't in the right category is it?

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matteroftheheart Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
the relevance of this right now is killing me, lol.
glassbullets Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Student General Artist
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